Build Your Own Business Website: 5 Reasons to Build Your Own Business Website

I didn’t always know how to build a website. In fact, the first 2 websites I ever had I paid somebody to build them. It cost me thousands of dollars.

The problem I discovered in not knowing how to build my own business website is I didn’t know how to manage it. I constantly wanted changes and became tired of waiting for changes to be made.

I therefore decided to bite the bullet and figure out this website building process for myself. It was one of the best business decisions I ever made.

5 Reasons to build your own business website

1. Save a boatload of money

I’ve spent a total of $14,000 on having websites built. That’s a lot of money. Since then, I’ve built 100s of websites for nothing except the nominal cost of hosting.

2. Speed

When you know how to build and manage your own website, you can add content and make changes immediately. Being able to improve and revise your business website gives you and your business a substantial advantage over your competitors.

3. Change your website design at a whim

I’ve changed my website design from time-to-time. I use WordPress themes for my business websites, so giving my business websites a makeover isn’t difficult. It’s fun to have a new look… as long as it doesn’t cost much and can be done quickly.

4. Test conversion

If you’re in control of your website, you can make many small changes to graphics, layout, and copy any time you like to test your conversion rate. It can be amazing how a few small changes can improve conversion dramatically. If you rely on a webmaster to make each change, it’s costly and takes a lot of time.

5. It’s fun

I love working on my business websites. I love writing blog posts, adding images, testing conversion and in general improving my site. I take a real ownership in the site. It’s not some obscure or abstract digital asset that I ignore. Instead, it’s the most important marketing tool I have. As a result I generate a great deal of business from my website.

I realize that not every business owner has the time or inclination to build their business website. You have to want to do it. The point of this article is to encourage any business owner to try building and maintaining their own site. The benefits can be wonderful. You can take full control of your online marketing which can be highly lucrative.

The point is it’s not hard to build a website if you use the right tools.

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